The end.

Hello everyone,

We had our final steering group meeting a few weeks ago and delivered the crawler, database and all the documentation we created. During this meeting we also drew the project to a close.

This project taught us a lot about developing web crawlers and how databases can efficiently handle the massive amount of data gathered with the crawler. Overall, the project was a great experience and we hope that our work can be used as an asset for future research concerning the analysis for causes of ALS disease.

We have been in talks with Mika about the possibility of some of our project members continuing work with the ARTEMIS project in the form of a master’s thesis next autumn. The thesis topics could be related to refining crawling algorithms, data visualization, or legal issues in web crawling. All of these research topics are indeed very interesting to us and certainly something that the ARTEMIS project could benefit from.

To finish off, we would like to give our sincerest thanks to Mika for offering his time, guidance and expertise during the project.

Have a great summer.

All the best,
Jussi, Joni, Joona & Miikka

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